Brookhaven Scientists Can Now Add An EMMY® Nomination To Their 7 Nobel Prizes

May 2019 - NEW YORK, NY - The NY Emmy Awards Ceremony was loaded with regional TV stars and journalists. Among the fresh faces were the creative team behind the educational series "Full Stem Ahead Long Island" Ken White, Scott Bronson, Aleida Perez, Host Kahille Dorsinvil, Joe Gettler and director Waldo Cabrera. This 2019 honor represents the team's first Emmy® nomination and Waldo Cabrera's second. 

There's one fun fact about this production team. Because they are all members of the Brookhaven National Laboratory team, the world-famous BNL can now claim that along with its seven Nobel Prizes, it also has an EMMY® Nomination.

Full Stem Ahead Long Island is a 10-part series designed to encourage middle school and high school students to seek a career in STEM and shows that there are many STEM opportunities on Long Island. No need to take their talents out of state.

The episode CRUSHIN' IT WITH COMPOSITES profiles two businesses that use the similar technology - GSE Dynamics, a US Military contractor and Nature Shapes a surf board manufacturer. Students were able to see that they can use the same skill sets in drastically different situations. So that depending on where the student's interests lie, there are exciting STEM opportunities almost everywhere.

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